brewster is a man who is likley to be in the electric company's location

his enemies are likley to be gilda flip

the way he lookes is like he has strong muscles

he is a smart man for some viewers

No information

is a man who was in a stearing constest with gilda flip he looked to much until he started to cry becase he didn't win
AGE unknown\possibly 40's,50's or 60's
saddness crying

FRIEND"S brewster has a partner during the stearing contest TWIN"S brewster's twin is unknown] it could be that he has no twin brother],or the partner during the contest is his only twin brother THE BONES IN HIS BODY brewster kinda look's like he has strong bones but but we will just have to look at the apparence again to see..

APPARENCES=we saw only one apparence may be likley to have about 3 debuts in his apparence and besides since it might cost alittle to put in one more charercter.brewster will be likley it be in the electric company again..[] also brewster is also known as burues or browser,he can look really funny in his appearences,and the stearing contest is all he does and other things but a contest with the sun is a bad idea,if he looks directly at the sun he will become blind or have eye failure

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