Francine Carruthers
Francine's promotional picture
Air date January 19, 2009- April 4, 2011
Written by Christopher Cerf, Jeremy Steven, John Boni, Amy Ephron
Directed by Bob Schwartz, Henry Behar ( 1972-1975), John Tracy
Name Francine Carruthers
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Alignment Pranksters
Friends Gilda, her doorman, Manny Spamboni, Annie Scrambler
Family Mrs. Carruthers ( mother) Mr. Carruthers ( father, deceased)
Abilities Wordballs
Francine Carruthers is the leader of the Pranksters and the main antagonist of the Electric Company. She can generate word balls and throw them at the thing she's looking at. She is portrayed by Ashley Austin Morris


Francine has a very high opinion of her own intelligence, and most of her plots involve making herself look good and make the Electric Company look bad.

She also has a crush on Hector, even though Hector is not aware of the affection. Francine has an assisant prankster-in-training, Gilda Flip. Gilda is always making pranks easier for Francine. She is very sneaky and very self-oriented. She always hangs out with Gilda. She‘s really competitive and a bit of a show off. She might be rich because, in the Wordsuckerupinator game, she was quizzing Jessica and Marcus how much they knew about Prankster Planet. She asked Jessica how many birthday presents she got last year and the ones she got this year. She's also very selfish. When she got partnered with Lisa for a science project to do, she took all the credit for it. She loves wearing bow ties or regular ties with polka dots and headbands.[[Category:Who where played by Ashley Austin

Relationships manny danny gilda anne manny,s robotEdit


Danny Rebus: Francine and Danny don't like each other and Francine tries to make this very clear. Once she went out of her way just to prank Danny causing him much pain.

Manny Spamboni: Francine and Manny work together all the time, always trying to beat the electric company with gadgets and wordballs.

Annie Scrambler: Francine and Annie are Best friends and help each other a lot they are the only female pranksters and in, "friends or aunts" Annie immediately called Francine for help.