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Francine Carruthers
Francine's promotional picture
Name Francine Carruthers
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Alignment Pranksters
Friends Gilda, her doorman
Abilities Wordballs
Francine Carruthers is the leader of the Pranksters. She can generate word balls and throw them.


Francine has a very high opinion of her own intelligence, and most of her plots involve making herself look good and make the Electric Company look bad.

She also has a crush on Hector, even though Hector is not aware of the affection. Francine has an assisant prankster-in-training, Gilda Flip. Gilda is always making pranks easier for Francine. She is very sneaky and very self-oriented. She is always hangsout with gilda. Shes realy comppetitive.

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