Gilda Flip
Gilda Flip, portrayed by Carly Rose Sonenclar, in her promotional picture.
Name Gilda Flip
Gender Female
Age Middle Schooler (11, 12)
Alignment Prankster-in-training
Friends Francine Carruthers,

Annie Scrambler, Danny Rebus, Manny Spamboni

Abilities Breaking records, using a flip phone, and making lists to defeat the Electric Company
Portrayed By Carly Rose Sonenclar

Gilda Flip is Francine Carruthers'  assistant, even though once, in "Spooky Summer Soirée", Francine allows Gilda to assist Annie Scrambler for a few hours. She always has at least six plans made to stop the Electric Company at all times and is usually shown with a clipboard as well as her signature flip phone. Her biggest goal in life is to become a Prankster.She is a talented 11 year old and is a prankster-in-training. She wears glasses, college type clothes (always similar to what Francine is wearing that day), and always carryies around a notebook or binder. She is also a good singer. Just like in one of the episode shes was singing a song about breaking records.

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