This is Manny Spamboni.

Manny Spamboni


Manny Spamboni




about 18-20 years old


The Pranksters


Sammy (younger brother)
Buster (dog)


Danny Rebus
Francine Curruthers
Annie Scrambler
Gilda Flip
his robot


No special skill, but is highly skilled in the arts of robotics and mechanics


Dominic Colon

Manny Spamboni is the largest and loudest of the Pranksters. He is the only member of the group that does not have any powers, but he is quite skilled in the art of robotics and mechanics.


Manny is rude and crud, and cruddy and uses his many gadgets to make trouble for the Electric Company. He has a younger brother named Sammy who can reprogram some of his gadgets. Manny also has a baby sister. Manny has a dog named Buster. Manny takes piano lessons. Manny also has a robot that he is actually very fond of, he shows his love for it in the episode "The Flube Whisperer".

Relationships With The Electric CompanyEdit

Jessica RuizEdit

Manny and Jessica hate each other, but if Manny wasn't so selfish, they could be friends. Manny is always playing pranks on Jessica and has sucked her in by making fun of Hector.

Hector RuizEdit

Hector hates Manny a lot, and never trusts him. This might have yeah something to do with why he wasn't in Wicked Itch. They are close to the same age.

Lisa: They don't get along, but sometimes Lisa has slight control over Manny and his little brother. Emphasis on slight.

Keith: Keith and Manny don't like each other, but they don't hate each other. Keith was the first person to trust Jessica's decision, and so he obviously didn't think he was all bad. Manny and Keith sometimes have secret meetings in which Manny will give him a gift for the Flube in exchange for news. Manny has never played a prank on Keith on purpose.

Marcus: Does anyone know what Marcus is really thinking about anyone? He probably dislikes him, but not as badly as others, because he is a new member.

Other Pranksters

They're all friends! What more is there to say? He seem to  have a Romance with Francine. <3