Marcus Barnes
Marcus' promotional picture
Name Marcus Barnes
Gender Male
Age 11-12
Alignment Electric Company Member
Friends Hector Ruiz
Jessica Ruiz
Keith Watson
Paul the gorilla
Lisa Heffenbacher
Family Unknown mother
Unknown father
Abilities Basic wordball throwing
Math skills
Portrayed By Coy Stewart
Marcus Barnes is the newest member of the Electric Company. He Joined in Season 3 and he is portrayed by Coy Stewart. Francine calls him Marty Farms.


He is very clever and is good with coming up with ideas and solutions such as in the episode "Pies for Puppies" when he saved Jessica's pies from being rumored as tasting bad by Annie. He doesn't commonly appear in the same episodes as Lisa Heffenbacher, but she was there to congratulate Marcus on being in the Electric Company. Marcus has been on the game show, Tip it or Dip it (and he won). Marcus plays the word obstacle course in the Wordball games. He really enjoys pickles and waffles, and is hungry all the time. Jessica looks up to Marcus. Marcus is in the same class as Gilda Flip. He also is goofy, and positive, even in bad situations. He likes toast and all food in general.


At first due to the fact he didn't have the correct aim posture, when firing wordballs, they'd bounce off walls, but, this problem was soon fixed. His special power is number balls. That means he can do stuff with numbers, graphs, money, time, and much more.

Episodes Appeared In: 12

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