mrs.cuigly is a women that was on the great compromise you can choses these templates

the gallery's of mrs.cuigly

she is the teacher of some company

and she is british

her age is likley to be 70 or 61

her personal life is unknown

another gallery

she is not on the upcoming seasons yet

this info is important

it might be likley to have a an old face to return

she her friends are unknown


possibly 70's or 60's

personal life unknown
what is she good at telling poeple what to do
apparence the great compromise

did she hit a car?


LIVERY:she has glasses,white hair and a redish shirt;;SAID ABOUT, nothing much is said about cuigly that makes you wonder why she never made a apparence in prankster hoilday or off target,and keith also made fun of her becase of the wierd sounds she makes which is perhaps a bad habit PERSONA she is sometimes rude but at the end she is is unknown about her on prankster planet the poeple will might not agree with that