Off Target was the first episode of season three and the forty-first episode overall. It aired on February 7, 2011.
Series Name
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date February 7, 2011
Written by Gordon Bessack
Directed by Michael E. Walker
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Revolutionary Doughnuts
(Season 2)
A Fistful of Confetti

Plot Edit

New boy, Marcus Barnes, discovers a wordball on his hand while playing baseball and tells Jessica. Jessica tells Marcus to keep his mind focused on his powers in order to throw his wordballs straight. Marcus, however, fails to do so, thinking of waffles instead.

a few days later hector and the other members talk about marcus being in the electric company members.francine~manny.and the new assistant gilda flip discover a wordball distroyer count dracula marcus trys to throw a wordball on a target but missed then he tryed again then he finds out that when he tryed to trow the wordball manny's robot prvented it from getting on gard.marcus makes alot of wordballs and throw them it distroys count dracula.the 3 pranksters walk off mad marcus is currently the memeber now, this is also a link to marcus barnes just becase macus barnes is in off target marcus


The Season 3 opener introduces Marcus Barnes (Coy Stewart), a neighborhood kid with wordball-throwing potential. Francine and prankster-in-training Gilda (Carly Rose Sonenclar), ask Manny to help them stop Marcus from joining the Electric Company.

5 WordsEdit

Concentrate- when you concentrate on somthing, you think about just that thing and nothing else.

Straight- if somthing dosen't curve or bend, it's straight.

Direction- Direction is the way somthing is going.

Target- a target is the thing that you aim for.

Twice- twice means two times.


Hit your target- Popcical Recap Word on his what?- Act 3



Goofs Edit

  • if gilda knew that marcus could generate lots of wordballs she wound't have to be nosey,even if marcus was responseible which is impossible