stan flea is a man who created mighty brighty knight

age likley to be in his 40's,50's or 60's
what is he good at? making comic book's
enemies unknown
what is stans look's hazel eyes a big bushy mustache black and white hair
unknown realatives maybe dead]]]] is brewster stan's twin? nope they don't look alike
was he on the old electric company? no he never was

TWINS his twin is unknown COMIC BOOK"S. stan is good at comic books that look like dc comic's.

APPARENCE"S stand only appard in mighty bright........also stan remind's viewers of someone.................................................and stan is also known as stand or stanley his last name is also known to as fela,felo,feia and fieloa his poor debut didn't make it to season 2 and season 3 he didn't even make a cameo on prankster hoilday,off target,The incredible return-a-ball and the wordball games (episode he might' be in the upcoming episode's and season's with possibly new episodes and perhaps new locations,new cameo poeple maybe new prankster,and new hot dog men like Frank.

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