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Season 3, Episode 8
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The Incredible Return-a-ball is episode 8 in season 3.

Episode descriptionEdit

Marcus finds out there is a ball (the "Incredible Return-a-ball"), and he goes to check it out. When Marcus gets to the Return-a-ball stand, Francine and Gilda convince Marcus to buy a Return-a-ball, which he almost immediately regrets. When he finds out it's fake, he sounds the call. He gets together with Keith Watson, Lisa Heffenbacher, and Hector and Jessica Ruiz to figure out how to prove that the ball's fake. Hector uses his special skill to show that the pin on Francine's hat has the reflection of Gilda throwing the ball back to her. The Company goes to Francine and demand for Marcus' money, which Francine reluctantly gives. After the Prankster's defeat, they resolve to make a better commercial, with more trickery. With the new commercial (for the "New and improved Incredible Return-a-ball") they get even more people to buy it, including Marcus, again. Once Marcus finds out that it is no better than the previous one, he once again goes to the Company to find out how to prove that the ball is a scam again. This time, Francine makes the mistake of wearing earrings while laying down, which the Company catches on to. This time, they get most of the city to come with them in a protest to get their money back. In the end, Francine and Gilda end up giving all the people's money back.


  • In both commercials, the actress who plays Gilda Flip plays all four customers.