this is the version of dry popsicles theres also happy,sad,angry and retarded emotions like for exsample annie scambler is happy then 1 quick minute she..well. sad thhey also have marcus barnes and gilda flip but marcus hasen't resived a sad or angry face on the popsicle's yet here are the list's of charerters 1.happy hector-sad hector 2.happy annie-desitfel faced annie 3.happy.manny-angry-faced-manny 4.lisa-angry-faced-lisa marucs-angry faced marucs {COOMING SOON] gilda flip-angry faced gilda-COOMING SOON shock beatboxing-worried-face shock-paul the gorilla ,only his first faced popsicle model kind happy faced francine annies aunt and ant angry-faced and sad faced if they where taking shots of charcerters on prankster planet that would cost too much money for all thoses popsicles