this is a wordsucker that means that it will suck up word's from planet earth and it has been shut down by jessica and marucs it appars to be on the opening credits behind planet earth sucking up word's it does not appar to be on the real world,

LIVERY the wordsuckkeruperuppnater is red possibly on the tip of the word sucker it also has some kind of fan that sucks in the words it looks like a fan that you put on your house

1971-1977 this word sucker never appared on the show
is the thing dangrous yes becase it might suck up human's by mastake
is it good only if it sucks up bad words like ugly,stupid and dimmwit

APPARENCE"S this wordsucking,machine never appared on the old show nither did it appar on the 2009 episodes it is also known as the wordsucker,the word,sucking macine and its normal name the wordsuckkeruperuppnater the reason why the wordsuckkeruppnater never appared on the old show becase they didn't have the idea back then.and they got the idea in 2011 which is a great idea for now,it will be most likley that the wordsuckkeruppnater will return along with the other prankster planet charercters